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why does it show error on yahoo canasta games?

Hi Shelia,

I'm sorry to hear that you received an error when trying to play Canasta. Unfortunately, Yahoo! Games experienced intermittent server outages over the weekend, which impeded many users’ ability to access the site and to enter parlor game rooms. The outage has since been resolved and the site should now be back to normal.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you are still experiencing difficulties playing this game, please submit a new question with the following details, and we will be happy to further investigate:

- The URL of the game you are unable to access

- The steps you are taking before the issue occurs

- The text of any error messages that you receive (Note: Errors may appear at the top or bottom of your browser window, if not in the game window itself.). If you are not receiving any errors, please provide further details on what occurs.

- Your browser (including version) and operating system

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